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I'm pretty sure what I'm about is not so different from what you're about.

I want to be happy, prosperous so I can enjoy life's beauty and pleasures. Empowered to

make a difference. I want my being alive to have mattered. I want to love and be loved.

To feel connection and belonging at the deepest  level.

FREE to be exactly who I am,

to contribute to life in the way that inspires me the most,

to truly ENJOY this wild and precious life!



When this expression Living Full On first presented itself to me, I was a little hesitant. It sounded a little

huzzah-huzzah, like - let's take on the world and climb Mt Everest and start a paradigm-changing business

and be everyone I was ever inspired by!

I'd like to be everyone I was ever inspired by but I can't. I can only be me, and I have finally understood that I simply don't have the energy or the bandwidth to be anything else, to do anything other than what I am so inspired to do that it fuels me and energizes me enough to actually do it. I'm not a type A but I have what it takes to do what's mine to do.

And so do you.

If you feel restless, or exhausted a lot of the time, it may be that

you, too, are being guided to be who you really are

and do what is yours to do.



According to Wikipedia, FULL ON means:

1.  running at or providing maximum power or capacity

2.  so as to make a direct or significant impact

3. informal (of an activity/thing) not diluted in nature or effect

Notice, it doesn't say running at maximum speed, but maximum power and capacity.

  • The capacity to show up to every moment fully present, empowered, and at choice.

  • Embodied - present in your physical + emotional bodies (not just your head) and, therefore,  connected to your incredibly intelligent internal guidance system.

  • Able to manage your energy such that it sustains you and allows you to meet life's challenges from a place of creativity and power, and a sense of choice.

  • In touch with, and strong in your sense of purpose, power, and meaning on the planet

Undiluted, in nature or effect. Don't you just love that?

In the midst of high collective stress and fear, as our world chaotically transitions into a new

paradigm, Living Full On invites joy, purpose, inner calm, inspiration and connection to the

truly powerful being that you are.

You have everything you need to slough off your old story, imagine, and step into your new one.

It's just a matter of remembering, unearthing and strengthening these capacities, like atrophied

muscles. You are here at this time for a reason.  The world needs each of us to stop wishing things

were different and start living, embodying, the world we want to live in. 

If you feel ready to explore what that might look like for you, check out my offerings to see what feels right,

or simply...



Meditation by the sea

 Navigating inner and outer change

Balancing the bioenergetic system with sound for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being

Fall Foliage

Exploring the wisdom of the body

Are you thriving, or just surviving? Relaxed, or stressed and anxious? Energized, or more just getting through the day? We are in challenging times that require us to show up differently, to find ways to raise our voltage and be fully present to what Life is presenting.

If you want to :
be happy
successful, in any area of your life
meet these tumultuous times with grace and impact
be engaged and inspired
live life full on

you’ll need to develop certain of your innate capacities. I coach you to do just that, so you can be who you are meant to be, do what you are inspired to do, be at choice in all circumstances, and enJOY your life!


Biofield Tuning™  is a unique non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves - produced by tuning forks - in the biomagnetic field (or biofield) that surrounds the human body, to induce deep targeted relaxation. It shifts patterns and rhythms of the electromagnetic energy that flows through and around your body.

Trauma, emotional and mental stress, as well as belief systems/ blocks to personal growth, can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential.

Biofield Tuning™ can also be used as a powerful

companion to the coaching process.


Get out of your mind and into your body! There you will find aliveness, intelligence and information crucial to living a life full on.  I offer 2 modalities for waking up to this generally untapped intelligence - neither of which requires any particular experience or coordination.

Explore Paint and Dance as a way to release stress and judgment so you can

embody your life!