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Coaching Bursts

Bust out of your stuckness and get moving again!

Coaching bursts were not designed to fit into the world of quick fixes we live in. True, sustainable change takes time and effort. However, sometimes we just need a little jumpstart - a change in perspective or new way of looking at things, a little  guidance and support - to get out of the box we find ourselves in, or navigate the curveballs/obstacles, so we can get moving, creating and acting again!

For close to 20 years I have been offering these sessions to clients who have been through my traditional

3 month coaching programs because, at that point, we are powerfully situated in the coaching relationship

and process. Now, however, it has become important to me to help as many people as possible get unstuck

and moving again. The world needs you to be moving forward on your path of self-awareness/expression and contribution, whatever that is. It might be getting out of a bad relationship or getting into a life-long passion.

It might be the first simple step of self-care. Maybe it's identifying what's not working in your business so you

will know what action you can take to make it work.

You know where you're stuck. And you probably know what you need to do.

I'll help you identify and bridge the gap between the two to get things flowing again.




Once you have purchased a session, you will receive a short questionnaire with 3 scheduling possibilities for your

coaching burst within the next week. It's important that you answer those questions thoughtfully - this will prime you for the

session and give me a little context so we don't have to spend valuable time on background. 



prep questionnaire

50-60 minute coaching session

commitment to action

commitment follow up e-mail

Invest in yourself.  What you want , wants you.


In 20 minutes, Lisa helped me move from a self- doubting facilitator struggling to understand the value of my service, to a strong container, a column of energy. She consistently and gently pointed to my already developed inner resources.  I didn't need to learn anything new or expend more effort. On the contrary, our quick, focused work allowed me to do my work authentically, and with much greater ease!

- Donna Todd M.A., Health Educator

Solana Beach CA




  Single sessions to get

you moving

forward again!

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