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Get ready to stretch and grow and explore and luxuriate in the energy, movement and wisdom of  your body. JourneyDance helps us release stuck energy and emotions, which is liberating in itself, but we are often surprised that sometimes what's stuck and needing release is JOY!

This safe, non-judgmental environment is a place to explore and experiment, to bust limitations and sweat our prayers. It's a work out for the mind, body and spirit!

You don't need any experience as the body already knows how to move and will automatically respond to the vibrations of the music, when the thinking mind gets out of the way.

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out - otherwise, see you on the dance floor!

Bring water

Wear comfortable clothes you can be on the floor in

Please be a few minutes early  - we will need to start on time as there is

                                                          another workshop right after

We dance barefoot on beautiful hardwood floors

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