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Biofield Tuning for Animals

Animals, in general, are very receptive to energy work because they are naturally tuned in. They are present, in their bodies, and aware of their energetic surroundings. They don't have the same kind of filters we do that can get in the way, or slow down, the process of healing. However, like us, they DO experience charge and distortion in their biofields as a result of traumatic events and experiences that they were unable to fully process or integrate.  Just think alone of all the precious animals who started out, or spent some part of their lives, in a stressful shelter.

Animal tuning is an area of Biofield Tuning that has yet to be explored extensively.  I am personally invested in giving back to the animal world, who gives so unconditionally to us, and who has suffered greatly as a result of humanity's actions.  I am interested in participating in the compilation of experience and data that would help others bring more well-being to the animal world.

To that end I am offerings tunings for donation only.

To learn more about Biofield Tuning, click here.

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