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Is Coaching for You?


Use this assessment to see if coaching is the right tool to support

your personal and/or professional needs and goals at this time.

Y/N     I have time, or am willing to make time, to invest in myself and my life/business/work.

Y/N     I can make and keep appointments with myself to work on my success.

Y/N     There is a gap between where I am and where I want to be.

Y/N     I am fully willing to do the work required to get me where I want to go.

Y/N     I am willing to invest resources (time, energy, money) into getting me there.

Y/N     I am willing to recognize and change self defeating behaviors that limit my success.

Y/N     I am willing to try new things even though I am not 100% convinced they will work.

Y/N     Coaching is the appropriate discipline for the changes I want to make (as opposed to therapy or consulting)

Y/N     I have the patience to take consistent action toward my goals, regardless of how immediate the results are.

Y/N     I have the support I need to make significant changes with ease (partner, family, friends, boss, etc.)

Y/N     I am willing to be successful beyond what I thought possible!

If you answered NO to two or more of these questions, consider making the necessary adjustments in order for

your coaching experience to be as effective as possible.  Ready to get started? To schedule a consultation, contact Lisa

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