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Love yourself first and everything else falls into line - Lucille Ball

When my heart is open and I'm feeling good about myself, I naturally feel generous and loving

and accepting of others. Likewise, when I'm not feeling so great, I get more judge-y.

Although many of us have learned that self-love is narcissistic and selfish, the reality is a heart that cannot radiate out into its own container, cannot radiate outside its container.  In this JourneyDance we explore the condition of our containers and create a nurturing home for our hearts to stretch and express and do what they're meant to do.

We'll feel, release, make space for and increase our heart voltage.

soft, gentle, fiery, strong, passionate, warrior hearts

We'll dance them all and listen to what they have to tell us.

Radiant Heart



              Saturday, February 2, 2019         3:30-5:00 pm                   


                                 Santa Barbara Dance Arts                                              

                                 531 E. Cota St. Santa Barbara                                    

Cost:  $15 pre-register*                                                                    

            $20 at the door

*The discount is to encourage you to pre-register (by Wed. 1/30) because it helps me know how big a space to rent. Thanks in advance! If you don't use paypal you can contact me to prepay by check or cash.



“Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”       — Rumi

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Bring: a mat or a blanket


comfortable clothing

bare feet (if possible)

an open mind and heart

No Experience Necessary!

All bodies know how to move, given the chance. Part guided, part free-form,

JourneyDance is about connecting in with the music and our bodies. We ground, release,

let loose and re-connect with our joy, our power, our prayers.

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