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a practice to free your creative self

for painters and non-painters alike

Creativity is our birthright!

Painting from the Soul 

helps us reclaim that part of ourselves.
It's Soul work. Spiritual practice.
Art medicine. And fun! 

We use simple materials, weave in a little movement and ritual, and let go of expectations - so we can connect to our creative Source. We put color on paper and let our soul speak through the brush. 

It's healing, it teaches you, it opens your heart and frees your soul.

Absolutely no experience necessary!

We paint for process, rather than product, so it's also a great way for trained artists to  rest,

rejuvenate and reconnect with the muse and their original passion for painting.
















"Paint as deep prayer. Paint your worst fears and deepest passion.Paint not for outcome, but to simply be in the moment.

Paint till your mind releases judgments, comparisons and personal stories. Paint till the painting paints you."

 - Aviva Gold, Creator of PFTS 

Plant from mud.jpg

Emerging from the Mud

Painting from the Soul Workshop





April 13th or April 27th       9:30-3:30

Johnson, Vermont


Materials included

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