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Portals to Joy

How to find doorways, in every moment, to the

freedom, abundance and full expression

that is your birthright

I don't need to tell you we are in unprecedented times. If this were a vision quest (which it is), we would be out in the wilderness right now - the liminal place between the life we left behind and the (as yet unknown) life we will be returning to. We would be slowing down, going within, connecting with the natural world, perhaps fasting, praying and asking for guidance, for insights, for wisdom, for the transformation we need to find our true gifts so we can share them with our people and our world. 

it's jump time*

It is crystal clear that we will not be "returning" to the same life. What is not as clear to many, is that the life we will be moving forward into, will be designed and implemented by us. Many of us are in that process right now. We are not waiting for old systems (that are falling apart) to figure this out. We are figuring it out. There is no answer to what's next. There is only creating, co-creating, to be precise, because life itself is calling us to participate. You must

free yourself

claim your power to create

allow yourself to be supported


be who you are

do what you're here to do


change the world


more coming soon..........

be                                 act                                impact

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