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Schedule a Biofield Tuning


Biofield Tuning Session                 $75                     

60-75 minutes (initial session may be up to 90 minutes)

BT Package of 3                           $180

It is highly recommended for **new clients** to have 2 follow-up sessions

after your initial Biofield Tuning, both to create momentum and achieve

significant shifts.  If you are a returning client, you can still take advantage

of the package rate (if purchasing 3 sessions).

Animal Sessions                              

Animal tuning sessions by donation only

(suggested $30-60. I do not consider your animal's health to be any less valuable than yours. I simply want your animal's health to be as accessible as possible to all. They deserve it)

(With permission of animal/owner, you may gift a session)

Tandem Tuning - Package of 5                 $295

for animals (2), their people (2), and their relationship(1)

Visit Tandem Tuning™ for more information



 Please contact me to schedule an appointment.

 Cancellation Policy

Thank you for respecting my time and business operation!

Early Cancellation:  24 hours + in advance - no fee.  I look forward to your reschedule.

Late Cancellation: Within 24 hours  -  $40.00 fee

No Call / No Show:  100% appointment fee


While Lisa Buell, AC  is an  ICF-certified and experienced  life coach, and certified as a biofield tuning practitioner , JourneyDance™   facilitator, and Painting from the Source™ facilitator, she is not a psychologist, psychotherapist, physician, or other licensed health       care professional.  Any information, materials and links found on this website are educational in nature , provided only as general             information and  are not offered as medical or psychological advice. You understand that any information presented on this website     regarding biofield tuning is not intended to represent that it’s used to diagnose, cure, treat, or prevent any medical problem or                 psychological disorder nor is biofield tuning a substitute for seeking professional health care advice and services. By continuing to          explore this website, you represent you have read, understand and agree to all of the above. All rights reserved.                                           

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