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The journey we are all on, to one degree or another, is about 2 things:

remembering who you are

doing what you're here to do

It's that simple. And not easy. That's why it's a  journey. The most important journey of your life. Because

real, lasting happiness and fulfillment, purpose and meaning, are not possible without it.

the hero's journey

Make no mistake. We are ALL on this journey. The only difference is the degree of consciousness,

awareness and intention we bring to it. If you are someone who is ready to explore, or already on your path but ready and committed to make it a priority, then you've come to the right place.

how you can work with me

Know this:

You already know who you are, and what you are here to do. That is the knowing of your soul, the Self. 

The personality self, however, consists of layers of what has been taught, trained into, and imposed on you.

to uncover what is,

healing what needs healing, and stepping into those shoes,

cleaning out your wardrobe to match your shoes,

It's work. Sometimes we're not ready. We want it but we're not ready. 

This steps on this  journey are the same, whether you are focused on a phsical issue, a relaionship a legacy. One part, or the whole. It's all the same thing.

What isn't quite working in your life?

What do you want instead?

What are you waiting for?


I also want you to know this:

Who you are is not a career, or your ability to make a lot of money.  We live in a system where money gives us a lot of what we want ( and need) so we need to make money, of course. But make no mistake, this system also enslaves us into thinking  our value is tied into our money-making abilities. Here's the truth. The Western world in general, does not value what is life enhancing. And what is life enhancing is core to who we are as human beings. . In other words, we are wired to enhance life. We are here to do that.

And if we can trust our deepest promptings, we will. 

Let me repeat, 

Who you are is not your career. And I am not a career coach.

I am a LIFE coach.

 If you want a career, google career coach. If you want a Life, you've already arrived.

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