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VQuest Coaching

for life-changing times

I wrote a blog post titled Coronavirus - a Vision Quest for Everyone which prompted me to offer a coaching program specific to the basic structure of a quest, because it so beautifully represents the stages of change - particularly of major life transitions. I weave in many tools gathered over my 20 years of coaching but the following stages make up the overarching foundation. 

Call to Quest - a sudden event, or a growing discontent, that requires a response or action

Severance- preparation for the quest, leaving the old world behind

Threshhold - the liminal space, the wilderness, the gap between the old and the new - the primordial soup, where

                              insights emerge and transformation happens. (We're all here right now, folks!)

Return - the integration of what was learned on the quest, into one's life

The entire planet is in this process right now. There is a macro-quest going on, as the planet undergoes a sea change. Simultaneously, there are billions of micro-quests happening, or at least Calls to Quest. A sub-stage of the Call to Quest is the Refusal of the Call. Some people are so in fear, so attached to the world as it was, the world we have already left behind, that they may refuse the call. It is my belief we will all be transformed by this global call, whether we go willingly or not, but the invitation here is to those of you who are willing to meet this time with intention and engagement. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You know that there is something big happening but don't know exactly what it means for you personally

  • You want to take advantage of this potent time and make some changes but you're not sure where to start or how to go about it

  • Your work has disappeared or become impossible to do and you don't know what's next

  • You feel afraid and anxious and are having a hard time focusing on the opportunity that might be here

  • You want to take action but can't find your footing

  • You want to feel more peace and more in control of your life

  • You're too busy putting out fires or taking care of others to get a bigger perspective

  • You're doing a LOT of questioning and re-assessing

  • You're having trouble letting go

It is amazing that one event could invite millions to make the change that each one of us needs to make. I believe, with all my heart, that what we each do with this invitation, will collectively impact how the world changes.  If we move, in our own individual lives, toward more aliveness, more peace, joy, fulfillment, meaning and beauty; that is what the world will become.

If you would like to explore working with me, please get in touch. It would be a honor to support you on your quest.

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