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Time Sensitive -    Pandemic as Practice  August 1st, 2020  11-1 PDT


a LIVE Zoom webinar council - transforming anxiety into empowerment with Joanna Macy and Jonathan Gustin.

Meeting our anxiety, fear and desperation is vital if we are to be at full strength in meeting this crisis.  Merely

remaining in either denial or survival mode, attempting to either brush it off or tough it out, keeps the heart stuck

in a frozen condition.  Having a safe place, a council, allows the tender heart to thaw and express its pent up emotions.

This process is key for moving from desperation to empowerment.

Rites of Passage Wilderness Quest

Here you can deepen your understanding of the vision quest and its stages. (You can also participate in

an online quest.) I did my own personal Vision Quest and 2 guide training programs with this organization.

VQuest Coaching


If you would like support in navigating these uncertain times, and resonate with the vision

quest structure, learn more or contact me for a coaching consult.

The Hero’s Journey - Joseph Campbell’s monomyth


Although this article is written for men, it is the best explanation I have found. The Heroine’s Journey is exactly the same, as exemplified by the use of Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz.

Some QUESTIONS to consider


Ask yourself these questions with curiosity - as in “I wonder what the answer is”, rather than “I have to figure it out!”. 

With a willingness for the thinking mind to not know the answer . This engages a deeper part of ourselves - I call it

the soul - which does, in fact, know.

  • Up till now, what has my life been about, what have my priorities been?

  • What am I missing the most right now?

  • What am I surprised to not be missing?


  • What do I want to prioritize moving forward?

  • What do I want to let go of?


  • What am I afraid to let go of?

  • Why?

  • What would my life have to look like in the future, in order for me to declare that

         this was the best thing that ever happened to me?

  • What are the questions I want answers to?

The quest is deeply embedded in our being. It is the soul's imperative, evolution moving through you.

Accept and embrace your worthiness of such an important task as an authentic and freely lived life.

Blessings on your journey.

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