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Working with me

I have a lot of tools in my tool belt, but they all serve one purpose - to help you claim the freedom that you already are.

No, that isn't a typo, or bad grammar. YOU ARE ALREADY FREE. You are not even meant to be free, you already are. It  is your natural state, your Universe-given right as a human being. You don't need to earn it, buy it, deserve it, get a divorce, start your own business, change anything in your external world in order to have it. You just need to claim it, as the truth.  Here are a couple of  interesting truths

- until you do claim it, nothing in your external world will change

- you can use external change as a way to claim it

More on that later, for now, just begin to absorb the idea that there is nothing you need to DO to BE free. Just plenty of things to do to help you recognize that truth.

We  will use some combination of the following tools to help you recognize yourself as you truly are, and then allow your life to fall into alignment with that:


1) Energy management - learning your 4 sources of energy, how they interact, and how you can manage them for a 

                                             continual source of fuel for your life.

2) Biofield Tuning - a cutting edge sound therapy protocol for getting the noise out of your signal, balancing your nervous

                                   system and releasing stuck energy related to past events that have created patterns and obstacles in 

                                   your life.

3) Transformational movement and Intuitive painting - embodied practices that tap into the vast intelligence of the 

      body/mind, bypassing mental filters and belief systems that don't serve you

4) Nature-based learning - using the mirroring capacity of the natural world to expand your understanding and self-awareness

5) Coaching - the umbrella process by which we clarify and envision what living free looks like for you,  and implement

                           these tools to bring that about.

What is required:

A willingness to :

- suspend (at least temporarily) what you already know so you can experiment with new perspectives and different 

   actions  (for different results).

- invest in yourself, as if your freedom depended on it! (it does) This means not just financially but with other resources, as 

   well - your energy, time, attention

- co-create, with your life. This is not passive work!

You will decide how much change you are ready for . I will be your container and guide. I will give you the tools to go where you want, and are ready, to go. There is so much support available to us, and easily accessible. But the truth is, there are times when we really need a container. I gave up the idea long ago that I should be able to do this work on my own, just because the information was there. Everything in life is interconnected, and like a wave - learning, growth, energy, action - sometimes we ride the momentum, sometimes we have to stop and work on something to move forward again and generate momentum, then we ride it, then we go back in......

If you are ready to say yes to yourself, to your desires, to expressing who you are at your core; contact me. It will be my absolute pleasure to provide a container and guidance along the way.

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