Live Your Potential


How will you live this one precious life?

Coaching is a process that helps  you move from Point A (where you are), to point B (where you

want to be). The good news -  whether your goal is a loving relationship, fulfilling work, starting your own business, dealing with a challenging situation, feeling better physically/emotionally/mentally/ spiritually, or working on your bucket list;  the process is basically the same:


Clarifying what it is you really want

(most people don't actually know this in a concrete way)

Identifying what's in the way

Working through (or with) obstacles, and

Taking inspired action (action in alignment with who you are, which means you will actually take it)

Learning to coach ( and support) yourself so you can stay on track and follow through

I've been a certified professional coach for over 20 years.  I know from personal and professional experience that everyone has the capacity for greatness, is worthy of their desires, and has what it takes to achieve them. Some of those innate capacities, however, have to be remembered, strengthened + supported, like an atrophied muscle, so they can help you get where you need to go.

When you commit to yourself,  are willing to be self-reflective and experiment with a different way of being so you can go beyond your perceived limitations, the previously unimaginable begins to happen.

The world is literally begging for you to do that.


I asked a client once, What will happen if you don't do your music? He said, without hesitation, I'll die. I said ok, we start here - even if only 5 minutes a day, you do it FIRST.

(He routinely says that one tiny  shift changed his life)

What will happen if you don't  ____________ ?

Even if you don't know the answer to that question, or even the question itself,

but can feel the relentless pull...

If you are ready to explore,


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