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Are you thriving, or just surviving? Relaxed, or stressed and anxious? Energized, or more just getting through the day? We are in challenging times that require us to show up differently, to find ways to raise our voltage and be fully present to what Life is presenting.

If you want to :
be happy
successful, in any area of your life
meet these tumultuous times with grace and impact
be engaged and inspired
be living your life full on

you’ll need to develop certain of your innate capacities. I coach you to do just that, so you can be who you are meant to be, do what you are inspired to do, be at choice in all circumstances, and enJOY your life!



Biofield Tuning™  is a unique non-medical therapeutic method that uses sound waves - produced by tuning forks - in the biomagnetic field (or biofield) that surrounds the human body, to induce deep targeted relaxation. It shifts patterns and rhythms of the electromagnetic energy that flows through and around your body.

Trauma, emotional and mental stress, as well as belief systems/ blocks to personal growth, can be stored in the energy fields of our bodies, impacting our ability to function at our full potential.

I also use Biofield Tuning™  as a powerful

companion to the coaching process.



Get out of your mind and into your body! There you will find aliveness, intelligence and information crucial to living a life full on.  I offer 2 modalities for waking up to this generally untapped intelligence - neither of which requires any particular experience or coordination.

Explore Paint and Dance as a way to release stress and judgment so you can

embody your life!

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