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Jumping Off the Cliff

a build-your-wings coaching program for those who are yearning to jump

Is there some part of you that is LONGING to move forward, toward something that makes your heart sing,

that speaks to who you really are, and who you are becoming, on the deepest level?
Maybe you don’t even know exactly what it looks like but you know pieces.

Maybe you only know that what you’re doing now is constricting you, sapping your spirit, getting unbearable.
But you just don’t know how you’re going to make it work and you’re too afraid to take the leap. It feels like jumping into the abyss.

Well, what if you learned to fly?

In this coaching program you’ll make a radical shift.

You'll most likely be familiar with many of the concepts but here we won’t just talk about them - you’ll EMBODY them.

You’ll put them into action. You’ll practice and experiment and build your wings, for your own unique flight, feather by feather.

And, unique to this program,  to facilitate your shift at a foundational level, we weave in a cutting edge sound therapy protocol to help clear

obstacles and patterns that may have been holding you back  so you can get IN TUNE and in alignment with your desire to expand.

Can I guarantee you’ll jump?

Of course not. First, only you can do that.  And second,  from where you stand now,

that would probably just scare you more, or you’d already have done it.  
What I can guarantee is you’ll have the wings you need to allow you to take off with less fear,

more clarity and a happy soul ready to guide you. You'll:

Get clear on what’s at stake
    The real question is not: What will happen if I do this?
    It’s: What will happen if I DON’T?

Change your relationship to fear, from demon to ally
    What if getting rid of fear were not a requirement to move forward?

Excavate, examine, and transform the obstacles
   What is really in the way? What’s real and what isn’t?

Update your operating system
    What are the values and beliefs I want to live from that would actually mean doing what I long    
    to do was IN ALIGNMENT with my life and my purpose?
    In other words - do I really believe that what my soul is calling for is somehow a bad
    thing, something I SHOULDN’T do? If not, where is the gap?

Learn to live and act according to universal laws
Why hold onto what’s not working? Stop self-sabotaging

Balance and clear your system at the energetic level
    What if the stuck energy you feel but can’t identify could be cleared?

Take clear, aligned action from a place of clarity and self-authority
     When you shift the inside the outside must follow, and you’ll find

doorways for action you didn’t know existed

Whether you are ready to do a 1-on-1 intensive program with me, or just want to start exploring the  the edge, I invite you to join my community of Cliff Jumpers by subscribing to my e-zine. I guarantee you won't hear from me too much!  It will take time for me  to produce

as much content and different offerings as I would like, but it is my commitment to support you at whatever level you find yourself so we can bring in this new life-honoring world, where all are free to be your selves and make your contribution to the Life we all share. 

Welcome to the cliff!





About  me  (and my cliff jumping experience )  -   coming soon!


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