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Sunday Feb. 23rd

3:00-4:00 pm

Santa Barbara Yoga Center

32 E Micheltorena St, Santa Barbara, CA 93101

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Cost: $20 pp

Advance registration/payment required

We will need to start and end on time, as the space is being used for another event right after, so come a few minutes early!

Each person is a dream deposited in a soul, around which is wrapped a body.

- Michael Meade

New Moon in Pisces!
dancing in a fresh start .......

This month's JourneyDance lands on the new moon, a time of reflection giving way to new beginnings. Embodying ideas - literally bringing them into the body -  is essential for their manifestation. Allowing the body to move (and energize those ideas) with its own intelligence allows us to bypass the thinking mind with all its filters and judgments and limiting beliefs. Taking this personal journey in community makes it all the more powerful.

February - the month of love and watery, emotional Pisces.
After the focused, new year energy of January, imagine this like a nourishing spa-dance where, using inspiring music and gentle guidance through imagery,
we journey back to self -

  • grounding and strengthening our roots,

  • releasing and dissolving the old while inviting in new ways of being and doing

  • re-connecting to self and our deepest desires

  • dancing in our heart-inspired vision

  • stepping fully in to receive

JourneyDance is for everybody. No experience is necessary because all bodies know how to move, given the chance. All ways of moving are right. This ecstatically fun and deeply liberating practice invites you to embrace your body, free your joy and re-ignite your passion for life. Celebrate in community, expand your bandwidth for love and connection, and open to your highest vibration! You will leave feeling rejuvenated and capable of so much more.

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